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C S Membership

Before you sign up, it’s important that you know how client service membership would benefit you.
Our service membership provides you with peace of mind, security, and freedom to age in place. We bring assisted living services to you, so you don’t have to move out of your home. We employ professionals to assist you with the upkeep and maintenance to your home. Our client service membership connects you to resources, including skilled care and other professional services. We provide you with ongoing home support services tailored just for you.

Who benefits from client service membership?

Our client service membership was designed with you in mind.

  • Seniors living alone, without close relatives to provide direct assistance.
  • A long-distance caregiver who lives too far to make frequent visits to his or her aging relative.
  • A caregiver who is busy with obligations and is not able to be there for an aging loved one but would like to see his or her loved one thrive in a safe environment.

Consider Care at Home your professional family. We are professionals serving you with a caring heart. Our goal is to promote aging in place safely, maintain independence and well-being by delivering home support services.

Benefits of client service membership:

  • You get discounted rates off all Care at Home services and social activities. Some activities are free for members. Our organized activities include bingo, social events, restorative exercise class, life long learners’ class, and more.
  • A monthly friendly visit from a client service manager
  • A monthly home environment check
  • Assistance with connecting you to resources, a network of physicians, specialists, and other professional services
  • Assistance with coordinating your appointments and arranging for transportation as needed

Sign up for our service membership today. Start enjoying peace of mind knowing that you have a support system in place. Interested in learning more? Call 443-347-3111 to speak with a client service manager.