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Dementia Care

We Care for Your Loved One Like Family

Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia can be very challenging and overwhelming for both the individual and family members. Older adults who are diagnosed with these conditions require more accurate, organized, and professional care planning and managing.

An aging relative with cognitive decline is at risk for injuries. You may notice your loved one forgetting to take medication, prepare meals, may forget to turn off the stove or unable to maintain the home environment. No need to stress, help is just a phone call away. Care at Home advisors are knowledgeable and available to assist you.
Dementia care service allows your loved one to maintain his or her independence while aging in place. Moving to a facility may not be the best option for your loved one. Staying in a comfortable and familiar surrounding will promote overall well being.

With Care At Home, it is now possible to keep a loved one with dementia safe and comfortable at home. We provide caring companions that are highly trained and skilled in providing care for clients coping with dementia.

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A dementia care companion can help with the following::

  • Provide daily reminders to ensure that your loved one maintain a routine.
  • Ensure that medicines are taken correctly.
  • Prepare healthy meals
  • Do daily house chores
  • Prevent isolation, which reduces the risk of depression
  • Provide mind-stimulating, engaging activities, exercises and facilitate social interaction through conversations
  • Support the family caregiver through respite care
  • Help reduce behavioral & cognitive symptoms and changes
  • Promote safety, reduce risk, and prevent injuries


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